Photo printed on fiber concrete, 20 pieces á 700x700mm
Commissioned by Ryfylke Museum at Sand, Norway

Manipulated photos with a nod to traditional Norwegian folklore painting, where the shapes of stars, hearts, hexagons and octagons often are used. I have photographed objects found in the archives and the environment of the museum. Details of furniture, buildings, nature and animals are made into new objects, or "ryfylkingar*" as I named them to stress the origin of the photos. (*ryfylking = native from Ryfylke, ryfylkingar = plural of ryfylking.)

Using uv-proof ink, the images are printed directly onto tiles of fiber concrete and mounted on a concrete wall to complete a 15 meter long frieze. Behind this concrete wall lies the museum's vault containing the records of Ryfylke's history.

By looking to history, one can create something new.

Geir Egil Bergjord, Stavanger October 2009

Photo documentation from the site.

PRESS: Suldalsposten 4/11 2009

©2009 Geir Egil Bergjord